Stepping on Cheerios

It seems that I am constantly reiterating how “busy” we are these days. Work, preschool, family, friends…I find it a constant challenge to keep up with everyone. I’ve tried over the years to post photos to Picasa to keep family and friends updated with photos, but I would like to start to add some stories to the photos in the form of a blog. You are likely familiar with the format, and it has gotten so easy to post photos, video and text that it just seems a shame not to take advantage of the technology that can keep us all in touch where ever you are. For me, I can post from my computer, my iPod or my Blackberry. That means that I might actually stick with it!

Fall has always been a great time for me to take courses and this year I’ve opted for a creative writing course. From the first class, it is evident that I simply don’t take the opportunity to write enough, so this site will also give me the chance to exercise my writing muscles. I’ve had a couple of other blogs, but they’ve been for a limited time (for those of you who remember my travel blog). I’ve also not found something as easy to update as this.

OK, for those who aren’t sure what to do, here are the instructions:

1.Go to the right, under Get Updates; Cick on subscribe to this posterous. Whenever I post, you will be informed through email – you don’t have to remember to log onto any social network site!

2. Add comments!

3. Start your own Posterous and let me know so that I can follow you

ps. If you are wondering about the title, you’ll have to follow the site



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