Growing up

It’s a bit cliché, but time really does fly. It is amazing to think that Bas and Ineke have just started preschool. Just days ago they needed help doing up their shoes, putting their coats on and finding their way out the door. Independence seems to be something that creeps in very slowly. We enthusiastically cheer on their efforts to accomplish small tasks on their own. Getting undressed. Getting dressed. Feeding themselves. Helping each other.

They started preschool last week and were so excited to meet their new teacher and friends. Wearing their backpacks, they walked into the preschool. Chaos ensued as parents dropped off their kids, figured out where to put their stuff, where to sign in and what to do with the snacks, but most of the kids gravitated to the centre of the room where their teacher, Michelle, had wisely placed some intriguing toys for the kids to play with until everything settled down. Coats and shoes in their cubbys, hands washed, and off went to play with the toys. Bas and Ineke immediately started to play and chat with the other kids.

I have to admit that there was a small lump in my throat as I headed to the door to go back to work. Not because I had to leave them, but because they didn’t seem to notice that I was going.

Suddenly, I heard a little sob and Ineke ran over to me with her mouth open and eyes filling with tears as she realized that I was leaving. A hug and kiss later, and it didn’t take long for the very skilled Michelle to get Ineke back to the group.

I left with a happy heart knowing that as independent as they are becoming, they still need me.



One thought on “Growing up

  1. Sarah, this is a wonderful blog and I got a lump in my throat too reading your story about the first day of preschool. I guess many of us have been/are in your shoes. Thanks for sharing!!

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