Night giggler

It was 2am and world outside was at a silent standstill. The air in our bedroom was chilly as we’d left the window open, and I snuggled even further down under the duvet. Once again, I was awake, thinking about everything that had happened on the weekend . There is an endless list of things to do running through my mind in preparation of going away to Holland in a few weeks.  

We are not hippies, and I am not someone who would extol the benefits of co-sleeping , breast feeding and other aspects of attachment parenting. In fact, with the twins it was quite the opposite and we were adamant about them going to sleep in their own beds because we just felt that there needed to be some space.  Somehow with Willem, we haven’t been quite as disciplined. Actually, we’ve not really tried very hard at all.

In our old place, the nursery was attached to the master bedroom which mean that when Willem was a baby, we’d put him down to sleep and he could see and hear us in our bed, watching TV. He is a smart boy and figured out pretty quick that all he needed to do was put up a fuss, throw up and soon he’d be transferred to the warm depths of our king-size bed between the cuddles of two doting parents. He never really made it back to his crib and it just became routine that he slept with us. I guess it is human nature to take the path of least resistance and if he slept in our bed, it meant that everyone got to sleep through the night.

Since we’ve moved to the new place, we have really tried to transition Willem into his new toddler bed up with the twins in the “castle room”. Some nights, he jumps into his own bed and falls asleep with no resistance at all. Other nights, it takes either Chris or I laying down with him (or beside him in Chris’ case) until he falls asleep. Then there are some nights where we just put him into our bed right away because we realize that the fight is futile.

We both love having him there because he is warm and cuddly and our last baby. Sometimes I am awoken by his little cries as he searches for his “soothie” in the covers, but last night was different. I was awake already, trying to get back to sleep when all of a sudden he started to giggle. I looked over at him in the dark and his eyes were still closed. It was as if someone was tickling him in his sleep. What on earth could be going through his mind that would cause him to giggle out loud? He went on for a little while and then settled back down. After a big sigh, he was sound asleep again. There is seriously nothing as cute as a baby giggling in the middle of the night.


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