Uncle Harm and Michiel’s babysitting adventure

One of the things that I hadn’t done yet in Holland that I really wanted to do was to go to a pub and out for dinner. Chris’ cousin Harm volunteered himself and his other cousin, Michiel, to babysit for an evening so that Jet and I could get out for an adult evening. Jet recommended going to an Indonesian restaurant that she’d been to with her parents and made a reservation for 7:30.

Harm arrived at 6pm and we began to give him all the instructions for dinner and the kids. Harm had specifically asked for stuff to make pancakes to make for the kids and shortly after giving him the run down, we left.

Instead of driving, we decided to go by bicycle so I hopped on the back, side saddle, in true Dutch-style, and Jet drove us to Utrechtstraat where the pub and restaurant (Tempo Deoeloe) were. It was so much fun riding on the back through the streets of Amsterdam! The only bad part was that it was relatively windy and Jet had to really work hard to move both of us!

The drinks and dinner were fabulous! Really, really tasty Rijsttaffel. Probably the best Indonesian food I’ve ever had and it was also really nice to get out and be able to chat with Jet without the constant interruptions that happen with kids. Great evening.

We arrived at home to find the soccer game on TV and the two men sitting, drinking a beer. Good news, everything was quiet and no kids were around! The living room, however, was strewn with towels from the bath, articles of clothing, apple juice spilled on the table and leftover pancakes and sprinkles on the floor. Harm proclaimed that the kids had had a great time decorating their pancakes (see photo of Ineke’s “special” pancake below) but that they didn’t eat very much, they hadn’t brushed their teeth, the diaper might not be on properly and Willem didn’t drink his milk! Most importantly, they were sleeping (except for Ineke who popped out for a quick good night kiss), and were happy and well-looked after! Thank you Oom Harm and Oom Micheil!




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