Christmas 2010


I didn’t take copious amounts of photos this year as it was quieter than usual. We had a lovely couple of days relaxing with the kids and skyping and Face-to-Facing with family in Calgary and Kaninaskis. The festivities started with Christmas Eve cheese fondue and leftovers from Willem’s birthday party. The kids put out some cookies and milk for Santa and actually went to bed at a decent time.

Christmas morning, when the kids came downstairs at a very civilized 7:30 am I asked them if they wanted to go see if Santa had filled their stockings. Their answer, “maybe later”. Hmmmm

When we eventually did get them downstairs, they were quite excited about all the surprises in their stockings. After a breakfast of eggs and chocolate treats, we opened the rest of the gifts and then spent the rest of the day putting them all together. Actually, it wasn’t too bad.Among many other wonderful gifts,  Ineke got her dollhouse with the elevator and the boys got several pieces of the Thomas the train wooden train track. Chris got to spend a couple of hours putting the dollhouse toghether and I helped the boys with the trains. Lots of fun.

I don’t think that they’ve eaten anything other than Christmas cookies and popcorn for the past two days. Thank goodness Nelly is back tomorrow and I know that she will make them eat something healthy!!

Christmas dinner was tenderloin and lobster and Nelly and Divina joined us. Delicious…although secretly I did miss the turkey and stuffing!

Today we had a lovely visit from Gogo and Ruffio and then off to Rann and Tara’s for a very relaxed Boxing Day Open House. We all debriefed from Christmas and enjoyed Rann’s delicious new holiday beverage which includes an awesome new spirit called Hum. Try it!

All it all, it was wonderful to be together with the kids and Chris and enjoy lots of family time together.


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