New year organising

It is true that I haven’t made any resolutions, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to start the year off  by organising. Actually, it runs in my blood. I believe that there is a gene somewhere in there that causes a compulsive desire to organise things around me. There isn’t a female in my family who doesn’t own a label-maker or who doesn’t secretly get excited by the thought of spending an afternoon browsing through the Container Store. I won’t say that I am organised in all areas of my life by any means, but nothing makes me feel more comfortable in life than going through the closets, re-arranging the furniture and starting the new year with a fresh room.

Today’s project:  the master bedroom and guest room. Since we moved to the new place, we’ve survived by rummaging through the eternally confused and cluttered closet. Half of Chris’ clothes have made their way into in the guest room because I think that he just gave up trying to find articles in the bedroom closet. Got rid of the remaining mat clothes that were lingering on the shelves, the items that I keep saying, “will fit me next year” and threw away all the orphan socks. In addition, we rearranged the wardrobe to house all of Chris’ clothes and turned the monster around to face the other direction which surprisingly adds loads of space to the room. Finally, we moved the TV into the closet. Sounds funny, but since the dresser is in the closet, it was a perfect place to house the TV. We can close the doors and hide it away and because it is now out of the window-sill, finally we can close the curtains and give our neighbours a break from watching us parade around without clothes!

The guestroom is now fully functional and ready for guests and doubles as the new “gym” with the exersise ball and weight set! (Somebody else does have some new year’s resolutions). The only thing yet to do is to put up the art on the walls. 

Ahhh, organised!


One thought on “New year organising

  1. Found you in "junk" mail again. so sad, as you are so far from there. I’m a relative and sadly have no organizing cells in my body. However, I could perhaps "test" your guest room, and will hope that you will try ours. Elaine

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