One of the best sources of entertainment right now in our family is the expressions that the kids use to describe their world. It is amazing how kids are not afraid of making mistakes and use whatever words they know to tell stories and communicate. We are amazed (as all parents are with their kids) at the vocabulary that they manage to pick up and try to use. Willem seems to be picking up words at an incredible rate, probably because he listens to two very chatty siblings all day and immitates everything that they say and do.

This week we went to the Schikkerling’s and the kids came home and told papa how Peter had shown them into his “crawl place” where all his tools are. Bas was suitably impressed by that! I was impressed that they remembered, sort of, what it was called.

Here are some of our favourites:

1. Willem asks for “nacks” whenever he is hungry.

2. While watching me make a sate dipping sauce, Bas asked why I was using the “smoothie box”.

3. Before bed, Willem gets a “mookie”.

4. Ineke – “Papa, did you hear that sound come from Willem’s voice?”

5. Bas – “Why is everybody get cross at me?”

6. Move a spot!

7. Moka-na-troll (hint: you use it to change channels)

8. My feet are sparkling


There are so many more, but these are the ones that have recently made us smile. I’ll try to post some videos of the kids this week.



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