Bas and Ineke’s (and Mark’s!) birthday party


Last year with Christmas and then heading off to Mexico at the end of January, we didn’t have a birthday party for the twins. This year, however, we decided to invite some of their friends over for a kids birthday party. It seems like we’ve been celebrating birthdays for a month straight! Many of the kids friends joined us to help celebrate Bas and Ineke’s birthday. And of course, it was also Mark’s birthday today so we were very pleased to be able to all be together to celebrate his birthday as well.

The first few photos are of the kids helping make their cakes. If you’ve never played with fondant, do it! So much fun.

It was a full-on kids birthday party complete with face-painting, door sign foam crafts, and fruitloop necklace station! And three cakes!! A great time was had by all, but I am a bit exhausted.

I just posted a ton of photos and then suddenly they disappeared. so I am posting two separate galleries.  I am having bad luck with my computer tonight…time for bed before I manage to wreck anything else.


One thought on “Bas and Ineke’s (and Mark’s!) birthday party

  1. Only you Sarah could host a full ter Keurs birthday party and get your blog updated with the photos on the same day. Nice work ! Sorry to have missed it.

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