Sand, surf and lots of sun

We returned on Friday from Cancun where we had a wonderful week-long sojourn from the rain and cold of Canada. It was wonderful in every possible way except that it was a few days too short, of course. I didn’t post while we were away mostly because we were having too much fun and I didn’t ever seem to get to my computer! So I’ll do a summary, of sorts, and include some photos.

The flights

The kids were fantastic on both flights and the time flew by. On the return flight, they actually slept for more than half-way which was a treat. I managed to read almost two full books this trip which is more than I’ve read in a very long time!! About 6 hours direct and the whole thing seemed easy after my last trip when I flew back from Holland alone for 10 hours with the three of them.


The resort

We arrived mid-afternoon and had no troubles with the transfer to the hotel, the Gran Caribe Real. When we first saw our room, although it was nice, it did seem quite small, so we took the offer to upgrade to a one-bedroom suite. After walking into the room, there was no doubt that we should switch. The room had the same bunkbed + trundle set up, but in the living room. The bedroom had a gorgeous king bed with more pillows that you can count and a big fluffy duvet. Each room had its own massive flatscreen which meant that we got a vacation from watching kids shows for a change! And the piece-de-resistance…..a Nespresso machine!!!!

There were a number of restaurants (two buffets and three a la carte) and the food wasn’t too bad. Lots of fish, salsa and guacamole, so can’t go wrong with that. We discovered that Bas loves hamburgers and he can honestly eat as much as I can. Amazing for such a little guy.

We also were able to use the 6th floor lounge (the upgrade gave us some extra privileges) so we usually retired up there at the end of the evening for cookies and cognac.

All in all, the resort was beautiful, exceptionally clean and I would go back in an instant! It also didn’t seem too big so we weren’t walking around a lot to get from place to place.


The pools

We didn’t really leave the resort, with the exception of one pirate cruise and one evening dinner at Senior Frog’s. We spent the rest of the time either in the pool or at the beach. There was no lack of fun as there were two pools and one had a pirate ship and water slide. Bas went down the waterslide by himself so many times that it was impossible to count. Willem, we discovered, is a better swimmer than either Bas or Ineke, and absolutely loves the water. And finally, Ineke jumped into the pool and got her face wet! Ineke rather liked the large pool (more aimed at adults, but kids were allowed everywhere) because they played dance music there, but I found the water a bit chilly. The kids pool was salt-water and warm like a bathtub!

The kids club was great, although we didn’t put the kids in there except for an hour where Ineke went to go play with her little friend Grace. They did put on a lot of super entertainment for kids though. One night there was a pirate fight and another a magic show. 


The beach

What can I say? Who doesn’t love perfectly turquoise blue warm waves crashing into powdery white sand. There is just nothing like it. Absolutely stunning backdrop and a blast for the kids. Ineke and Willem particularly enjoyed standing in the waves with Chris. Bas prefered to just play in the sand and build! The resort has hundreds of covered huts with lounge chairs and finding one was never a problem (at least in the mornings). I think by afternoon when all the springbreakers were waking up from their all-night partying it became a bit trickier to find.

So, our routine was morning beach, afternoon pirate pool. Or morning pirate pool, afternoon big pool. We just went from lounge chair to lounge chair! The kids are also getting more comfortable in the water that they just played by themselves and they didn’t need us to be in there with them all the time. Of course, we never strayed further than the lounge chair where we kept a watchful eye, but it was nice to just be able to sit and watch them play. On the other hand, it was so hot that being in the water was also a welcome treat.


Trip on a Pirate Ship

We decided to try out a Pirate Ship dinner cruise on one of the first evenings. We couldn’t have picked a better activity for Bas! He was sooooo excited. Captain Hook’s boat was complete with most of the cast from Pirates of the Carribean and they were great with the kids. Calypso painted their faces to match their pirate outfits. Ineke even found a new friend, a pirate parrot! The ship left port and the actors provided great entertainment all the way out to where we dropped anchor. We then had a lobster dinner followed by more entertainment including being invaded by another pirate ship and watching a full-blown sword fight right in-front of us. The evening was finished by lots of dancing. Really a great evening!


Treats for mama and papa

One highlight for us was the outdoor massage and facial. There is really nothing like having a deep-tissue massage while listening to the crashing of the waves on the beach below and feeling the warm breeze on your back! No spear-fishing for Chris this trip, but perhaps next time!


The weather was perfect the whole trip. Windy a few days and eveings cooled down a bit, but every day was around 30 degrees. It was hard to come home to the rain and we all agreed that 10 days would have been perfect. I would definitely go back to that resort again. Lovely trip…glad to be home…mmmmm…not sure yet.






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