Shaughnessy 8k

So after months of my 5/5/5 routine (5am, 5k, 5 days a week) I finally decided to do a race. The Shaughnessy 8K run and family 5K walk was a great way to start. The route was beautiful…through Vancouver’s nicest neighbourhood, accomapied by good friends and all my little peeps cheering!

It was a gorgeous morning (our first one all spring!) and Tara, Julie and I ran a very relaxed 8km. It wasn’t about the time, but just getting out. I’m pretty happy that I finished and we only walked once the whole way! Took vitamin I this morning, so I’m not feeling too bad. I didn’t run this morning however.


Next race, end of June. Scotiabank marathon…..


OK, actually we are doing the 5k! I can see how this stuff gets addictive.




One thought on “Shaughnessy 8k

  1. hi saartje, congrats on the first race of the season. looking forward to a lot more posts ;o). ps. 5/5/5 = CRAZY

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