We’ve been in Osoyoos all week at a resort right on the lake with my sister and her family and my dad and Diane joined us for a couple of days. The weather has been plus 30 the whole time and we’ve done a ton of fun summer activities.

Mostly in the mornings we hang out by the pool and splash to keep cool. Oli and Bas were both learning to swim with no floaties or lifejacket. Izzy spends most of her time under the water doing handstands and Ineke floats along in the yellow donut. Wim just jumps and swims and swims!

We’ve also been out in the boat and going again today, on the beach, to the wineries, and much more. Everyone’s had lots of sun and the adults have certainly enjoyed lots of great wine! Hard to even pick a favourite, they’ve all been yummy. So far, we’ve been to Church and State, Le Vieux Pin, Jackson Triggs, Nk’Mip, Burrowing Owl and today I think Moon Curser! Lots of wine is coming home to enjoy during the year.

Last day today which is sad, but the schedule is already packed with go-carting, bumper boats (all at Rattlesnake Canyon) a boat ride and probably more pool time…and wine of course!



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