The Big Smoke Out

By now, everyone knows that Chris got a Weber smoker for his birthday. We’ve given it a really good breaking in this summer by smoking meat almost every weekend. So far we’ve done:

  • pork side ribs
  • baby back ribs
  • Fred Flintstone ribs (aka beef ribs)
  • beef short ribs
  • beef rib tips
  • free range chicken
  • cornish game hen
  • pork shoulder (pulled pork)

My favourite had been the chicken because it was juicy beyond belief and just had a simple smoked flavour. The meat we’d done was also tasty, but in my opinion, not cooked long enough. Normally, I’m in charge of the rub and the magic BBQ sauce and Chris took charge of the actual smoking up until yesterday when I intervened and made him smoke the meat for much longer than he has been doing all summer. I hate to say, “I told you so…” but I will. The meat was amazing. The hits of the night were the pulled pork and the beef ribs which had a crispy bark, dark red smoke ring and were so tender that the meat came off the bone easily before melting in your mouth. There is nothing quite like pulled pork swimming in BBQ sauce topped with tangy coleslaw on a crispy bun….the classic pulled pork sandwich!! Easily my new favourite.

We hosted the big Smoke Out at the cabin this weekend. Friends and family came out for a feast of meat like no other! It has been such a busy summer that this was a great chance to catch up with everyone before school starts this week and life gets back to normal.


I can’t think of a nicer way to say farewell to summer. Thanks everyone for coming out…and I promise no more smoked meat until next summer!!!


One thought on “The Big Smoke Out

  1. Isn’t this what the point is all about and for! I love it. Love that it is possible. Love mom and dad for having made it possible. love the pictures. love the happiness and fun and energy. love the fact that the badminton set has been put to use and that there was a school of kids running around! love the post.WISH I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks Saartje for posting!

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