December 1 – start of the advent calendar


Today we started the new Advent calendar. This year we are doing another Playmobile one because we had so much fun with the one we had last year. Besides, I really like the idea that they are doing an advent calendar without candy. The kids wait in anticipation for their turn to open a box and move the contents to the scene that is set up on the sideboard. 

This year, Ineke had the honour of opening the very first box and discovered a little mini red mailbox. It was a perfect start because just wrote our letters to Santa last night and I had to explain what a mailbox was. It is amazing, the kids didn’t even know what an envelope is or what to do with it. Emphasizes how much we do by email these days!  After their letters were folded and placed carefully into the envelopes, they had instructions to deposit their letters to Santa into the red mailbox today. Then this morning, out comes the red mailbox from the advent calendar. Couldn’t have planned it better myself. Only one problem according to Bas: the hole in the toy mailbox is too small for their letters to Santa!!



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