Pneumonia, Stanley park train and cookies

It has been a long two weeks! A few weeks ago while we were at a party, Bas laid down on the sofa and fell asleep. I knew at that point that he was pretty sick. Ever since then, he’s had a really bad cold and an on and off fever. One day he seemed to be fine and then the next day he was tired again. And grumpy pants doesn’t even begin to explain his humour.

Finally after two weeks of whining and him laying down on the sofa at every chance he could get, I finally took him to the doctor. They recommended chest x-rays which confirmed that the poor little guy has pneumonia. Fortunately, the antibiotics that he was on for the past five days have kicked in and he is much brighter–just in time for the holidays. My mom was here all last week which was a huge help and we even managed to do a few fun things during the week.Sadly, she left on Monday to return home.

On Monday, the girls (Tara, Steph, Sue, Julie and Bronwen) and I held our annual Christmas cookie exchange at Tara’s house. As usual there were lots of laughs and wine. Of course, there were fabulous treats from everyone, but it was even more fun to have the opportunity to catch up sans enfants. We all went home with a load of gorgeous holiday baking. While the treats are wonderful, it is going to mean a lot of extra hours in the gym after the holidays!! I think we should try doing some other type of exchange next year that doesn’t involve so many calories!


The kids are counting down the days on their advent calendar until Santa comes (and Wimwim’s birthday of course!) and I have pretty relaxed week at work! Not so bad for the week before Christmas. Tita Rita is here with the kids and everyone seems to be doing OK, although we definitely miss our Tita Nelly!





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