Birthday weekend madness


We have just ended the weekend of birthday madness which started yesterday afternoon. Both of the kids really wanted to have their own birthday parties with boys only and girls only. Since we haven’t really done kids-only parties, I was inclined to let them try it out.

We started with Bas’ party yesterday afternoon which included the boys making their own pizzas, decorating their special “sleep-over” pillowcases, cake and a movie. Lucas, Wesley, Samuel, and Bas had a great time chatting and goofing around until about 10pm when Chris finally read them the riot act and then they settled down and slept for the whole night.

The kids were great and after pancakes for breakfast, all the kids were picked up and I began prepping for bday #2.

Ineke opted for a baking party where the girls had a blast decorating their own aprons, stirring the cake batter for the cupcakes, embellishing their cupcake boxes and icing their own cupcakes with LOTS of coloured frosting. It was tons of fun and Ella, Elise, Valentina and Ineke had a wonderful time playing together.

I am exhausted and am very glad that birthday season is over for a while!



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