Flight home

“Would you like some parmesan cheese with your meal?”

“Which white wine do you prefer, the chardonnay or the pinot grigio?”

These are the kinds of questions that I like to hear on an airplane!! Lol

The flight home was wonderful and I have to say that if you ever travel to Europe in the summer, don’t hesitate to book AirTransat Club Class. It was about the same price as KLM regular, but the service was really excellent. The staff were so attentive, especially to the needs of the kids. We ended up being on the tarmac at Schiphol for about an hour due to a mechanical difficulty, so by the time we were up the air it was already close to 7:30pm, and well past dinner time. The chief steward came over and assured me that their first priority was going to be to get the kids their dinners and then they would do the rest of the service. How nice is that!!

The kids slept for most of the flight home and aside from upset stomachs (that made it to the bathroom) and one  nose-bleed, everything was perfect.


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