Goodbye tree

On Tuesday, we have to say goodbye to the large Ponderosa tree growing in our front yard as it is has to be chopped down. A few weeks ago we had a water-main leak which turned our front yard into a small creek out to the sidewalk. Fortunately, the water flowed away from the house and we didn’t have any flooding! It was a bit of a pain as they had to rip out part of the path to fix the pipes…thank goodness I hadn’t done much gardening in the yard this year—it was a mess with piles of dirt and concrete everywhere!

The tree isn’t particularly nice—a bit straggly and dry—but it is large, and has a beautiful Jasmine vine climbing up the trunk. In fact, it will give us a lot more light in the house and the yard. But we will lose a bit of privacy as well. So it is good and bad I suppose. They are going to try to save the climber since it is so beautiful, but I have no idea how they are going to get the root mass out of the yard. I suppose the upside is that the front yard will have to be re-landscaped!

Ineke and I went out yesterday for a few minutes to take some photos of the tree before it goes. Fortunately, we are at the cabin all week, so we won’t be there. It will be strange when we go home and see it gone as it is such a large feature in the front of the house.IMG_0605 (Large)


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