OK, well our kids aren’t too into scary costumes. In fact, Willem isn’t even sure about costumes at all. He usually ends up wearing his for about 5 minutes. We had a small disaster because when Willem went to school on Wednesday morning, he was Darth Vader. When he returned, Darth Vader had disappeared. Somehow in the preschool, the mask had gone missing. I’m sure it will turn up, but it made for a very sad little boy when he realized that he wasn’t going to go trick-or-treating as his favourite Star Wars character. Fortunately, he was also fine with wearing a batman mask (from last year) and just telling everyone that he was Darth Vader. hahaha!! I thought it was so cute.

Ineke was Snow White, but decided that her dress would get dirty because it was a bit long, so she opted for a shorter princess dress. Bas has dreamed of being a pirate all year. First it was a skeleton ghost pirate, and then he decided on Black Beard. Except that he didn’t like the plastic beard that it came with and asked me to draw a beard on instead.


The evening started with a visit to Gogo’s house for a costume parade and special treats. Then back at home, Lucas and Ella joined us for some mac and cheese before heading out in the heavy rain with our Irish neighbours down the street, Lola and Leo, for trick-or-treating. They returned a couple of hours later, bags heavily laden with every kind of candy imaginable.

Tons of fun and about a kilo of chocolate later, everyone passed out in bed!


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