Summer Family Fun

The summer started off with a bang this year! I took the first two weeks off for vacation and we were all pretty excited about Brenda and Aaron, Oli and Izzy coming to visit us for the first week. They arrived on Friday, June 28th in the middle of the afternoon, so we had plenty of time to chill out and start relaxing! The kids don’t skip a beat and although they don’t see each other as much as we’d like, they are glued together, the three boys, and the girly girls.

The first couple of days we spent in Vancouver. We had a picnic lunch at Granville Island with fresh shucked oysters and Hatfield’s Fuse…very yummy combination! We also went to Hillcrest pool with the kids where they had a blast spraying each other and splashing around with Chris! Aaron got to do a couple hot yoga classes and Brenda and I ventured out for a run (although my irritating shin splints made for a rather short run).

We then headed down to Point Roberts where we stayed for the next few days. The cabin is all about relaxing, having fun, eating great food…usually smoked meat…and drinking nice wines! We did all of that and more. Fortunately, we were also able to catch the 4th of July parade! For the first time ever, we also spent a day at Splashdown Park enjoying the heat and the thrills of the waterslides. The new trampoline was the hangout and if we ever didn’t know where the kids were, sure enough, they were hanging out there. Mark and Chris made a really great start on the base for the treehouse which is to come later this summer and Aaron thoroughly enjoyed his experience with the ride-on mower! Bren and I, well…we enjoyed chilling out and just catching up over some lovely wine! Lighthouse park was a hit with the kids and Brenda and Aaron got to celebrate their anniversary with a dinner sans enfants at Southbeach Restaurant overlooking the ocean and Mt. Baker.

Back in the city, Aaron competed in a National Judo Championship and Brenda and I got to have a bit of shopping time before they all had to head back to Calgary. All in all, it was an amazing week of family fun and although their drive back was hellishly long due to a closed road, we have a ton of great memories!


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