Camp Oma and Opa

This August we had an amazing month with Oma and Opa (Chris’ parents), who came to stay at the cabin for three weeks. It began with the raising of the tree house, and continued with loads of fun for all of us. Bas, Ineke, Willem and their cousin, Valentina, basically stayed at Camp Oma and Opa for almost three weeks with the exception of a few days when we extricated the kids (and their dirty clothes) to come home with us to give them a break. They had SOOO much fun. Most of their days were filled with jumping on the trampoline, climbing into the tree house, exploring the lovely South Beach, and watching evening movies on the new outdoor theatre! Honestly, there is nothing like watching a family movie under the stars, curled up in sleeping bags, munching on popcorn with a delicious bottle of wine (for us!) Absolutely perfect evening.

Another highlight was the Point Roberts Firehall Open House where the kids got to sit in a helicopter and try out fire hoses!

We also celebrated Opa’s birthday with a “Builder” cake (Bas’ idea!), a special table filled with birthday party treats for the kids, balloons and decorations thanks to Ineke and Willem and a scrumptious sushi feast. An evening to remember! My favourite memories: Opa cutting the cake with the toy saw and the massive group hug!

On our last night, we were treated to a special dinner at the South Beach House Restaurant followed by a short play on the beach as the sun was starting to set. Bas was so sad the evening before Oma and Opa left. Although he was quiet and tried very hard not to cry, he was very, very sad. We all were!

Now everyone is back to school and although we may still get in one more cabin weekend (if the weather cooperates), it just won’t be the same. Looking forward to next summer already!


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