On a Roll

Referring to the fact that I’ve managed a couple of posts in the past few weeks.

There are many things in life that I am very good at. I bake bread using my own starter and self-ground flour. I ferment milk with kefir to make cheese. I can cook almost anything to some degree of acceptability. But anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that planning kids birthday parties is not my forte.

However, it had come to my attention that Willem, in particular, had never actually hosted a birthday party with his friends. Of course, we celebrate with him every year  on Christmas Eve, and he has always had a cake—sometimes even self-baked—and lots of presents and family around. But he hadn’t had a true party with friends, and I’ve always carried a bit of guilt about this since the kid is now 8.

So this was the year, which worked because being at a new school, it was a great opportunity to get to know some of the kids in his class. Being practical, I knew that January and February were going to be too crazy at work to plan anything, so March it would have to be.

Bas and Willem decided that they wanted to do a joint birthday party which worked great because the new Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl just opened in Tsawwassen Mills. They have a lot of common friends, so it made sense to pool resources into one big bowling bash.

2 hours, 20 kids, pizza, cupcakes and bowling! What more could you want! It was so easy and the kids really had a blast. Uncle Buck’s was a great venue for a party.


Ineke also celebrated her 10th birthday last weekend by hosting a sleepover with some of her besties. It was such a lovely group of girls from her old school, her new school and family friends. They made pizza, played Lego Friends and watched movies. Truth be told, things settled down around 11:30, so not bad at all!

So birthdays are all done for another year. The kids were spoiled by everyone and most importantly had an incredible time with their friends!


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