Toddlerhood and the fascination with Cheerios

This is a re-post from 2008 when I first started to record some random thoughts about kids, motherhood and, well… Cheerios.

Why do my toddler twins insist on dispersing Cheerios throughout the house? There is no escape from the crunch, crunch, crunch under my toes. I find them everywhere. On the way to the coffee machine on the kitchen linoleum, all over the Persian run (where they elude the vacuum and get stuck to my socks), on the bathroom floor where they become soggy, and very occasionally they can be found in my bed.

Unfortunately, few snacks are as convenient, easy and inexpensive as the well-loves little “O’s”. They can be taken to-go or placed on the high-chair tray as a somewhat healthy alternative to whatever it is that the babies decide not to eat. Most importantly, babies love them. Remember the first time that your little one picked up Cheerios with her chubby little hand and managed to stuff them into her mouth along with their whole fist. A true moment of pride.

At first, I would sweep them up off the floor and diligently dispose of them in the bin. After a while, I realized that I was probably throwing out more than they were eating, so the strategy changed. They got half as much to play with eat, and I would sweep up the strays and put them back in their bowl. How dirty can they be? My floors get washed nightly. Besides, they just eat them off the floor as a snack later anyways.

As someone said to me, is there anything that captures the essence of childhood more than the crunch of Cheerios underfoot?



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