A Good Listener

I returned from my writing class last night and the kids had just gone to bed, so I snuck up to tuck them in. Willem and Ineke were sound asleep already, but I had a little chat with Bas.


Bas: “MAMA!!”

Me: “Hi Basje, I missed you”

Bas: “How was your school mama?”

Me: “It was really good. Did you have fun with Ella and Lucas tonight?”

Bas: “Yes, we had lots of fun. Ella was trying to come in our car but she was crying so she had to get out”

Me: “Oh, that isn’t good”

Bas: “Mama, were you a good listener at school today?”

Me: “Yes, I was a good listener”

Bas: “It is important to be a good listener and not to grab the teachers’ things”

Me: “Really?”

Bas: “Yes mama, the teachers’ things are dangerous and you can’t grab them or you won’t be a good listener”


By the way, the class that I am taking is really worthwhile. It is run by writer, Cori Howard (Between Interuptions) and is called the Momoir Project. And I am trying to be a very good listener.


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