One more sleep

I don’t know who is more excited about tomorrow’s trip, the kids or myself. Time is a difficult thing for the 3 year-old mind to comprehend, but counting down the sleeps until we go seems somehow more tangible. They were very excited when we did the countdown this morning and they realized that they only have one more sleep before we leave to go on the airplane to visit tante Jet.

Most of what we need is packed, the rest we can buy there or borrow if we need it. Now it is about surviving the 9 hour plane trip over there. What I am dreading the most is boarding the plane and observing the people leering at us as they pass (we’ll board first of course) and realize that they are sitting in front of or behind 3 kids under the age of 4 (two who are very snotty at the moment). I guess as my friend Tara has suggested, just apologise in advance and offer to buy everyone drinks if it gets really bad. Addressing the situation proactively works to reduce the anxiety that others may feel when considering the potential disaster that they might be facing.To be honest, I am very confident that the kids will be fine on the plane and will sleep much of the time. We’ll see.

Travel continues to be one of the things in life that I enjoy the most and have missed since having kids. It is the anticipation of experiencing new things, meeting new people and visiting unfamiliar places. It is the slight sense of confusion you experience as you negotiate getting around a foreign city. The excitement of traveling by bus, train or just walking from place to place. The unfamiliarity of the sights, sounds and tastes. Anyone who loves travel knows what I am trying to describe. When you are traveling, it is OK to be lost because you can just take in the sights without worry of being late. Anyone who read about my past travel experiences will know that I get lost a fair bit! It never seems to bother me though because as in life, some of the best experiences I’ve had have been while searching for something else.

So off we go! I’ll post while away and try to keep you updated with stories and photos.


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