9 hours in a reasonably confined space for someone two meters is a
challenge. We checked in to find that there are 8 babies on board and
we couldn’t get bulkhead seats. At the moment the kids are all
sleeping and while it took longer than I would have likes to get them
to sleep, at least it is quiet. Three hours to go and there was only
one moment around mealtime when I began to panic about the trip home
alone with the three. I’ve already started to strategize. First of
all, there is f***ing way that they are going to deny me bulkhead
seats. With two little ones and a baby on my lap NO ONE needs the
extra space more than i will and KLM better be ready to deal with
wrath of which they’ve never seen if I’m denied.

Lessons I’ve learned for the trip home alone: 

  1. I will only take one meal for the three of them–they didn’t eat much anyways and it will keep the trays up.
  2. NO drinks for Bas
  3. Eyedrops are a great idea…oof my contacts

I’m happy that I packed well. So far the sippy cups proved a great
idea when a sprite was flung off the table. Speaking of which,
seriously, the size of the trays, tough to fit the meal and a drink at
the same time. I can tell you, the meal didn’t win out over the bottle
of wine.

Kids own headsets are brilliant–they fit well and block out more
sound. Trunki (suitcase) arrived just in the nick of time and is a
great way to transport their toys–fits an amazingly large amount of

So six hours in and I haven’t even had to crack open the presents and
aside from a few gummy bear bribes, I haven’t even had to use sugar.

Two is a tough age to travel with and for all my complaining that we
haven’t traveled much with the kids, it is probably a good thing that
we didn’t do much with Bas and Ineke because it may well have turned
me off the whole experience. At least now they can be reasoned with.
Willem is fidgety and when he is awake isn’t nearly as placated with
watching a show.

No drama so far. Kids were tired but seem to be finding a way to
sleep. Wish I could say the same for me.


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