Why is night time so long?

Jet lag can be difficult and I didn’t know how the kids would handle it. Fortunately, it seems that everyone is adjusting very well. We had a quick visit with family who dropped by Jet’s house to see us shortly after we arrived. The kids were spoiled by tante Jet, of course! It was also fun for them to meet their new friend Julie (the daughter of Jet’s boyfriend) who is 2 1/2 years old. After a short visit and lots of tasty treats, we were on our own for the evening to get unpacked and settled in. Jet’s apartment is so cute and I’m just afraid it will never be the same after three kids have torn it apart!

Willem fell asleep early on the couch beside Chris, and Ineke put herself to bed around 9. Everyone else followed shortly after that. Ineke came in around 12 and said that the oven was beeping. Couldn’t figure it out what it was, but I ended up in bed with Ine and Bas until she fell asleep. Every 15 minutes the beeping would start up and I would rush into the kitchen to see what it was. After an hour of jumping out of bed to figure out where it was coming from, I figured out that it was the dishwasher.

Sometime around 4am I noticed that Bas was awake and starting to fidget. I tried to convince him that he should go back to sleep and he proclaimed, “Mama, why is the night time so long?” I agreed that this night time was particularly long, but that we still needed to go back to sleep because when you go on a long airplane ride it is very tiring and we need to catch up on our sleep.

After more musical beds, we all slept in until about 9:30 in the morning. No naps so far today and everyone is still in good shape. Perhaps we’ll get through unscathed!


Spent the day at the zoo and dodged the rain and hail. Lots of fun. Camels, elephants and giraffes all came out to greet us. So did the raccoons. Apparently, raccoons are exotic enough to be hosted in the Amsterdam zoo! Hilarious. Never thought of that when I used to beat them off the deck with a broom!


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