To market, to market

Last night wasn’t quite as restful as the previous night. Everyone spent some time awake and then we all slept-in until 10:30 this morning! After a very relaxed morning (what was left of it) with Jet and lots of coffee and filet Americain..mmmm…yummy, we headed out with a borrowed stroller and made our way on the mini-train (tram) to the Albert Cuijp market where we enjoyed hot fresh gooey stroopwafels and fresh herring with diced onions and a pickle. Further along we found ourselves in my favourite store, Hema, where we devoured a Hema worst (like a hotdog) and stocked up on lots of new Jip and Janneke gear, including umbrellas and new rainboots! Once again, we seem to be eating our way around the city!

We ventured through the streets of Amsterdam with kids in tow…actually very easy as long as you keep an eye out for the bikes, trams and cars. It is hard to stop and take photos as my hands are always holding little people. I think that I may have to head out on my own for a couple of hours to get some customary photos of Amsterdam including bicycles, bridges and canal houses! Lots of time yet to do that. For now, we are super happy just to be spending time with Jet and having fun with the kids.




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