Soldat van Oranje

Jet made all the arrangements for us to attend the musical Soldat van Oranje last night while she babysat the kids. It was an absolutely fantastic show. I’ve never seen anything like it. The story is based on the book and movie and was a spectacular show. The audience rotates in the middle of the stage which ciruculates around (a massive circle) as the scenes change. It includes an ocean scene (complete with rain and waves!) and an outdoor scene where a Dakota airplane rolls up outside and the audience appears to be in the hangar watching outside. (If you go to the first link and choose “theatre”, you can see a diagram of the stage when you scroll down to the bottom.) They also used the screen to create the sense that you are on a boat at one point and flying in a bomber at another. Super creative and great performance. All in all, a wonderful evening!

Today we are going to venture out to the Goat farm in Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam forest) and Chris is going to the Ajax soccer game with a friend! More later!!


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