Amsterdam goats and Oma dolphin

In the centre of the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam forest) there is a Goat farm that is fantastic for kids! Part inside, part outside, it was a great activity for a semi-rainy day. Unfortunately, it was too wet to use the playground but we might try to go again next week when we rent bicycles. There are hundreds of goats which you can feed and pet and even an area of baby goats and a baby calf where kids can walk in and pet them.

Bas, Ineke and Willem got a handful of pellets that they could feed the goats themselves. Almost all without incident except for one nip when a goat thought Bas’ hand was a snack. No real harm done!  They each also got to feed the goats a bottle of milk which the kids really got a kick out of! Mookie for the goats!

After the goats, we headed over to Badhoevedorp where Oma dolphin and Opa are visiting Loek’s family. It was very funny to see Oma here and we had a really nice visit at Lyda’s house visiting.

Chris had meetings for most of the day and then went to see the Ajax soccer game with a friend. He had a great time and said that it was a great experience, especialy because they won!

We had a quiet night and, with the exception of Chris, all went to bed early since we’d had such a late night at the musical.



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