Mini trains and mini Holland

Jet lives on a great street that seems to be very central to everything. The street has cars going in both directions with a large grassy boulevard in the middle. Willem likes to sit in the leather chair in the window and watch everything go by. The most excitement, however, comes when a tram goes by and Willem declares “mini-train”! 

This morning, we took the mini-train and the fast train to Den Haag where we met Tante Loes and Oom Frans. They took us to Madurodam to see the miniature version of the Netherlands. The kids loved it but couldn’t understand why they couldn’t play with the little toys! They chased the trains and Willem really got a kick out of pressing the button to make the steam blow on the big train.

After Madurodam, they took us to the city for a feast of poffertjes! Mmm, delicious. Leonie met us there with Maarten and Pieter and the kids all played really well together. Willem was so tired that he fell asleep in Jet’s lap and stayed asleep most of the train ride home. Relaxed at home tonight which was nice after such a busy day. Harm, Maartje and Michiel came by for a visit this evening and Harm helped give the kids a bath and even washed their hair!

All good! Great vacation so far.



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