Family Reunion Lunch

For us, one of the challenges with coming to Holland is trying to get around to see everyone. Fortunately, Jet had thought of this and organised a huge family lunch so that we could have the chance to see everyone in one place. It was fabulous to see everyone and especially nice to meet all the kids of the cousins. I think that we were around 50 people….and TomTom Marjolein’s chihuahua!

Bas, Ineke and Willem were very spoiled and received far too many gifts. All the kids played so nicely together and Bas even played a little soccer with the older boys. Ineke spent most of the time with the dog and was sad to say goodbye to TomTom. Of course we missed Mam and Pap, Mark and Elis with Valentina and Tante Rene and Oom Rob (who are in Bonaire), but it was a great day. Thanks Jet for arranging everything!!

I am posting a few photos, but have put most of the photos up on my Picasa site if you want to see more of them. Tante El also has some amazing photos which I will get and post later this week.



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