Classic Amsterdam

One can’t visit Amsterdam without taking a cruise through the canals and viewing the city from the waterways that run throughout the city. There is just no better place from which to view the grachten huizen (canal houses), bridges and people,not to mention other famous sights such as the Anne Frank House and the Seven Bridges.

We drove to the centre of town and boarded the canal boat with all four kids (Bas, Ineke, Willem and Julie…from Roel) and our friend from high school, Niels Yzerman, who came to visit with us as well. The weather held out and although it was a bit chilly, it didn’t rain at all which was good news because we were sitting outside! Kids had a great time spotting buildings, bicycles, bridges and pirate ships.

The adventure finished off with bitterballen and beer at a cute restaurant in the park.



One thought on “Classic Amsterdam

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