There is nothing as satisfying as a massive Costco shop when your cupboards are bare and the freezer is empty. Tonight we stocked up on summer staples including enough meat to keep us barbequing and smoking all summer long.

Back at home, the re-packing began. Ineke helped to get all the ziplocks opened and labelled and then I started to divide up the meat. The beef tenderloin was cut into baseball-sized steaks (just the way Chris likes). Ineke was very diligent about counting the chicken breasts and the thighs, ensuring that we got just enough into each baggie.

Finally we got to the ground meats. We did the beef first and then moved on to the pork. I asked Ineke if she knew what animal pork comes from. She looked at me with big eyes and that little all-knowing grin and said,

“I know where it comes from. From porkupines.”




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