Finally summer is here


The Canada day long weekend finally brought us some decent warm weather. This is actually the first weekend that we’ve been able to go to the Point all spring/summer! It was well worth the wait and so far, its been a great weekend. Mark is here with Valentina and the kids are having a blast. We’ve been able to relax a bit as most everything is done here at the cabin and it was just a bit of cleaning out after the winter and planting some flowers. 

A few exciting things have happened this weekend. We almost didn’t have water…but that problem was solved quickly and we were back to normal. Then today on the beach, after months and months of asking if there is wind, finally Bas could fly his airplane kite. I can’t tell you how exited he was when the box was opened and the kite came out. Willem adopted Ineke’s Tinkerbell kite, but Chris blamed it on the purple pull-ups that he was wearing!

Finally, Bas learned how to swing all by himself. I’m not sure how he did it, but he figured it out and now there is no stopping him. He pumps his way until he is almost going over top of the bar!  I have to say, though, I was a bit sad when I pushed him and he asked me to stop because he could do it himself. Ah, the beginning of summer, but the end of pusing Bas on the swings.

I think that my favourite photo so far has to be the nature pee with Bas and Wimwim!



One thought on “Finally summer is here

  1. nature pee picture: Wim, is everything alright down there?Valentina lounging in the water.Ine having such a great time. blisss…… can’t watit to go out there and be with you guys.Thanks for posting saar (and flowers look great)!

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