Visit from Kiichi

Last week, our good friend Naho from Tokyo visited Vancouver with her husband Hiro and their 3 year-old son Kiichi. The kids were so excited to meet a new friend from Japan who didn’t speak any English. In fact, the night before they arrived, I was trying to explain to the kids that Kiichi doesn’t speak English and that when they were playing with him he might not understand everything. Bas clarified that it was fine because his teddy speaks Japanese. Thank goodness for teddy!

Our friends arrived in the morning and within a very short time, all the kids were all upstairs playing with the trains. Funny how language doesn’t seem to be a problem with kids. Trains are fun in any language. They just went on playing and there were no communication problems at all. 

After lunch at home, we decided to go for a walk on the beach and then to the park for a visit to the playground. Einat, Hannah and Sophie met us for dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant for a feast of ginger beef. A day to remember for sure! Bas and Ine are still talking about their new friend from Japan and we hope to see him again someday in Japan!



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