Summer….sort of

Well, we haven’t had much summer weather this year at all. No sweltering nights filled with the smoke of BBQ for us. No swimming at Kits pool or sticky fingers from melted popsicles. We keep hoping!

Fortunately, we’ve still managed to enjoy the outdoors. Most of the summer has been spent at the Point where the kids play no matter what the weather. The kids are there right now having a fun couple of nights sleepover with Oma and Opa. When I talked to Ineke tonight she was very excited about having gone to the beach and watching Annie. Sounds like they had a blast!

My new toy is a zoom lens for my camera and while I haven’t quite figured out how to take stunning pictures, I do like that I can capture moments happening on the other side of the yard! So far, the most exciting was the deer and her baby Bambi who visited the yard next door. The kids had trouble understanding why we couldn’t go feed leaves to them, but it was neat to be able to catch them with my camera and make it look like we were standing next to them. I have the whole summer to practice and hopefully by the end I’ll end up with some decent photos.










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