Summer has definitely arrived and we’ve been spending every possibly moment at the Point. The kids have also had a number of sleepovers with Oma and Opa. Bas actually declared that he never wants to come home! The kids have been busy playing in the yard with the new playground equipment, the pool and running through the grass. Yesterday brought a new surprise….a battery-powered jeep! Fortunately, everybody took turns today they spend hours driving through the grass in the yard. We also got the boat out for its maiden voyage this summer. No problems!

Last night we enjoyed a visit from the Belenkies (Sonny, Anne, Laura, Emily and Anna). It was nice to catch up and we enjoyed fabulous smoked chicken! Of all the things we’ve smoked so far in the Weber, chicken has been our favourite.



One thought on “Finally

  1. great pictures again. And what an exceptionally fancy and great toy! A John Deer! My goodness. I was just looking at the pictures with Juul. She says ineke is Lief. And she wants to see the video version of these pictures. big kiss!

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