Journey to Bonaire

Anyone who knew me during my days of travel with university work might remember that it was comprised of adventures and follies usually involving me getting into some type of trouble. From experiencing a hurricane while staying at a Monastery in Japan to getting lost in Taipei to severe tummy troubles on a flight in Vietnam. On fact, I started my first blog before I even knew what a blog was! I grew tired of emailing the same story to several people on my first trip to Japan, so I decided on my next trip I would post entries onto a website that I borrowed using space from the university.

By my next trip, Blogger had launched creating a much easier format for me to post stories from my travels. It was like sending a virtual postcard from each place I visited, but could include photos as well.

And now, here I am on the flight to Bonaire, typing on my iPod while my family is all asleep. When I land, my story will be published to the web wirelessly using Posterous! Amazing.

You might also recall how much I enjoyed traveling…and writing about it. I’ve missed travel over the past five years but feel like the kids are now old enough to venture out and see the world again. And it is so much more interesting traveling with them! Challenging for sure, but everything is fresh and new. They are excited and don’t even know what to expect on the trip except for what we’ve told them. They don’t understand the concept of time or distance but they focus in on certain things. For Bas, it’s having a house on the sand. For Ineke, she saw a photo of someone riding a horse and can’t wait. Willem wants to go windsurfing.

So I’d disappoint you if I didn’t start off this trip with something eventful and out of the ordinary. We started off going through the border at the Point because Chris had to pick up one last item at the Letter Carrier. For the past few months we’ve been retrieving packages for Chris’ uncle in Bonaire who has been ordering WW2 memorabilia off eBay which we’ve packed up and are taking with us to the island. At the same border that we uneventfully crossed about a hundred time this summer, suddenly the car is surrounded by border guards with beepers all flashing red and with very serious looks. Apparently, one of the items that we are hauling is a old compass that contains some of radioactive material….gamma or radon. Not sure, but they weren’t pleased. We set off every alarm at Point. Probably the most excitement since the escaped convict that was hiding there.

We all got taken in and while I’d love to embellish with tales of interrogation, it was more mundane as they fished out the box with the compass and did some tests on it. Since we had two more border crossings to pass through on this journey, Chris wisely decided to mail the package instead.

I wonder what would have happened if the radioactive alarms went off in the airport with the compass in the suitcase along with the WW2 detonators? Hmmm. Glad we didn’t find out.


One thought on “Journey to Bonaire

  1. hahahahah, see, I am glad i didn’t take it with me in august! bloody hell. Radio active!!! too funny. I still see us opening up the package. hahahaha

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