Sorobon Beach Resort

We arrived at Flamingo airport at 5:30am as scheduled. Tante Rene and Oom Rob picked us up and we headed over to the resort where we are staying. We began with breakfast on the deck overlooking Lac Bay which is on the east side of the island. The resort is rustic. We have a little bungalow with two bedrooms, two bathrooms. There is air-conditioning in the bedrooms which we turn on just at night and it is perfect for sleeping. There is a small living area off each bedroom with a modest kitchen. Not suited for cooking gourmet meals I suppose, but then again, who is doing that on vacation! Perfect for breakfasts and small meals. No TV and no internet in the room, but they do have wireless at the restaurant/lobby area.

Bonaire is part of the Netherlands Antilles, just north of Venezuela, close to Curacao and Aruba. It is a beautiful little island that doesn’t seem to have changed since we were here ten years ago. The average temperature is about 30 degrees, day and night, winter and summer. On this side of the island the weather is perfect with a fantastic breeze that blows across the water. In fact, Lac Bai is one of the world’s hot spots for Championship Windsurfing because it is shallow and has such strong gusts.

So what have we been up to for the past three days…

Well, mostly playing on the beach. Kayaking in the water, digging for crabs in the sand, watching the pelicans dive for fish and catching up with Rob and Rene. The beach has fine white sand and there is a covered hut right outside our door to provide some shade.

Beside the resort is Jibe City, a Windsurfing school and restaurant/bar. We’ve eaten lunch there a few times. Mostly salads and sandwiches. Great smoothies for the kids. And of course bitterballen and kroketen.

The night before last we drove to the other side of the island to the city of Kralendijk (I think that there is only one city on the island) to Rob and Rene’s house for dinner. After a delicious meal we walked along the main street to go get ice-cream at Gio’s!

Today we are planning to go in the boat to pirate island (klein Bonaire) for an adventure! Depending on what time we return, I may also try to get in a Windsurfing lesson this afternoon.

One funny story before I sign off. We were all down on the beach playing and Bas wanted to go back inside to get something. All of sudden I hear him start to cry—not that strange for Bas—but this was a really scared cry. I walk over to see what the problem is and he is standing on the path terrified to go further. I immediately realized that he was completely justified in crying. I would have been scared if I’d walked up to the house and had been surprised by a large green prehistoric-looking iguana! Poor Bas.




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