Pirate Island

Just west of Bonaire is a little uninhabited island called Klein Bonaire (small Bonaire). But to kids under five, it is better known as pirate island. Rob and Rene took us there today via their motorboat and we had a fabulous swim and snorkel.  There are tons of fish to see, but I’ll have to look up all the names another time. Parrot fish are the only ones  that I recognized. Didn’t see any turtles, but they are around and fairly common. We parked the boat a ways away from the shore and swam in. The kids did a great job swimming despite a bit of a current. We dug for treasure, watched out for pirates, and saw a shark wearing a green snorkel (Chris!)

Back on the boat we enjoyed proseco and sushi! A very nice pirate lunch indeed. Thanks to the efforts of our fearless captain, we also managed to dodge a deluge of rain.  Bas and Ineke steered the boat on the way back home and Willem caught a few zz’s. Another amazing day in the sun was had by all!

The only downside of Bonaire, as far as I am concerned, is the mosquitoes. I’ve been ravaged by more than a hundred bites despite my 30% deet! It is just a lost cause trying to prevent getting bitten when you are prone to bites as the kids and I are….unfortunately.  

Oh yeah, and really bad hair. There is simply no way to keep one’s hair tidy here. Between the salty sea water and the wind, it is simply a disaster every day. Hardly something to worry about when we are having so much fun.



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