Finally, I was able to catch a windsurfing lesson this morning. The wind was just great for learning and the waist deep crystal clear water makes it pretty easy to have fun while falling off a thousand times! Actually, it was much easier than I remember from the past and this time, this time I was able to get up on the first go. It was a great feeling to actually move across the water. I have a feeling though, that I’ll be feeling it tomorrow. Oh well, also good to get some exercise to burn off all the vacation excesses. I may try to rent a board in the next few days and practice a bit more. Chris, who has had much more experience surfing might also try to get out a few times while we’re here.

We’ve had quite a bit of rain the past few days. In fact, yesterday it was so stormy that all the boats had to be taken away because the wind shifted and started to blow in-land. There was also thunder and lightening and monsoon rain. Today isn’t looking too great either. Good thing we are here for two weeks. It is sure to clear up soon!

Chirs and Oom Rob went for a flight over Bonaire the other day! Great shots of the island from a bird’s-eye  view.



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