Donkey sanctuary and Rincon


We did a day of sightseeing yesterday. We started with breakfast at El Mundo in town (panekoeken, of course) and then to the Donkey Sanctuary. The kids had a great time petting the donkeys and seeing the baby turtles. After, we headed south to the lighthouse, salt mountains, slave huts and then into Kralendijk to meet up with Rob and Rene.

We drove up the coast through the Washington Slaagbai national park and up to the town of Rincon where we stopped at the Rose Inn for goat and chicken stew….delicious!

At night. we drove again to a resort called Carribean Club up on the hilltop where we met some neighbours of Rob and Rene. The kids had a swim in the pool. Bas and Willem had a blast doing bellyflops into the water. Afterwards, we all enjoyed a BBQ feast!

Today the weather looks great, although I was hoping for a bit more wind so that I could rent a board and do some more windsurfing. Hopefully it will pick up later! By the way, if you want to see some live shots of the windsurfing, head over to… and maybe you’ll catch me falling off into the water!!




One thought on “Donkey sanctuary and Rincon

  1. Hi Saar,there is a guy named Tonky at Jibe City. Last I heard he was my friends boyfriend. Marjolijn van Kooten and I were on the board together. She also went skiing with us these past 2 years. She will be invited to the wedding too — so if Tonky is still with her he will be invited as well. Just an FYI. xoxo jet

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