Note from the kindergarten teacher….

A very proud parent today……..



On a different note, I would  like to let you know that Bas was the most empathic child this past Friday.

We went out to the gravel area for outdoor play. We went single file, and I decided that we would return in pairs. As they started organizing themselves,  one child wanted to be the partner of someone else, but it was too late. I suggested she hold Bas’ hand. She said “no”, and began to cry.  This was when the magic happened.

Bas never gave up. He took her hand and said ”It’s okay  I will be your partner”  In the most gentle voice, he mentioned that she did not need to cry, and it was okay. He continued saying that maybe she could come for a play-date, and he could show her his special toys, and play with other toys. They would have fun together. In the few minutes it took from the gravel to the ramp, she was talking to Bas, smiling and happy once again.

I was deeply touched at the concern, gentle voice and persistence Bas demonstrated.  I wish the event has been caught on tape, as it is such a beautiful moment when you see “empathy” naturally occurring.  Empathy is not the easiest ideal to teach.

As a teacher, thank you for your hard work with Bas and Ineke.  I’m not sure as a parent how often you see such amazing moments, but they do occur.  I am very  lucky to see the outcomes of a loving home.






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