Seattle with Oom Rob


Oom Rob arrived on Friday for a week of excitement with the ter Keurs clan! We’ve done a lot so far and it was a busy weekend. We left early Saturday morning and drove to Seattle. The boys went on a tour of the Boeing factory arranged by Mark. I drove down with the kids and we spent the morning exploring downtown. We started off by taking the monorail  from the hotel to the Seattle Space Needle. We took the big elevator up to the very top where we enjoyed the view of the whole city and all the buildings. The highlight was probably the towers of soda…and no, they weren’t filled to the top…although most people there certainly did have them filled up.

We headed back to downtown and walked around the stores for a bit before checking into the hotel. There, we met up with Elise and Valentina and later with the boys who’d had a super time checking out the planes.

For dinner, we headed out to a Seattle institution, The Crab Pot. Fortunately, the line-up (which is sometimes over two-hours long) wasn’t too bad and we were able to get a table quickly. We ordered the Westport which is a feast of local seafood which they literally dump in the middle of the table! It was delicious and a treat to be able to enjoy it all together. I had to laugh though when the server asked us if we wanted a set-up (wooden board and mallet) for each of the kids…Seriously, 4 children under 5 with wooden mallets!! Are you joking!!

The next morning, we headed to the pool first thing and then to the market for breakfast. Pike Place Market is always filled with interesting characters (ie. see photo of balloon guy) and of course, more delicious food (Dungeness crab cups), and the very first Starbucks!

After breakfast we drove to the Museum of Flight and had a blast looking at all the planes and everything related to flight.

All in all, a great weekend!


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