Spaghetti and Goldy

For the quiet month of February, it has actually been quite busy around here. Quick update before I get to the good stuff!

We’ve really been enjoying our Seymour mountain ski passes. The kids are really enjoying being up in the snow and are starting to get the hang of skiing. Bas seems to be a bit of a natural and after his second time up on the hill, was easily snowplowing down on his own. Seymour bunny hill is amazing as it has a magic carpet to get you to the top. The kids can get up themselves without any assistance. Great way to get used to the process of getting up and down the hill. It also helps that the weather has been quite warm, so no complaints about being cold. In fact, the one day we went up I realized after we finished that I had skiied the whole time without my gloves on!


Chris traveled to Egypt for work at the end of January. He had mixed reviews and although it was  a productive work trip, he didn’t have the chance to enjoy much of the country. I think that he enjoyed eating fois gras in London most of all!

I’m not sure what has sparked this sudden interest in animals, but Ineke has been driving me nuts since Christmas. She will be reading a book and then gives out the most dramatic sigh you can possibly imagine for a 5 year-old.

“Ineke, what’s wrong?”

“Mama, I’m sad that we can’t have this dog,” pointing at the picture in the book.

“Ine, you know that I am alergic to a lot of animals. Also, it is very difficult to look after a pet like a dog or a cat.”

“But I really, really love aminals and I want to have a pet.”

“Well, one day when you are grown up, then you can have one.”

“But I can’t wait that long. What about a fish?”

Hmmm. Well, friends of ours have fish and to be honest it doesn’t sound too onerous. I agree that it is probably a good time for them to start to learn about the life-cycle and Ineke, despite her age, is actually quite responsible. Still, I’m not quite convinced about the whole pet thing. Seems like it is going to be one more thing that I have to take care of.

“Ineke, having a pet is a lot of work. Who is going to take care of the fish and the aquarium?”

“Mama, I know you have to feed the fish. Ella already showed me how to do that.”

“And what about buying their food. It costs a lot of money.”

“That’s ok, I have lots of money in my piggy bank.”

“And what about when we go away on vacation.”

“I know what we’ll do. We’ll get a fish-sitter. And then Spaghetti and Meatball will be happy.”

And for the next week, everything that Ineke talked about had to do with Spaghetti and Meatball. There weren’t really any arguments that I could come up with for not getting an aquarium for which she didn’t have a rebuttal, so this Sunday we ventured out to Aquariums West and picked up a 5-gallon starter aquarium kit. After a couple of days of watching the water and figuring out how it all works, we finally got two fish yesterday–Cherry Barbs. The man in the pet store advised starting with two until the levels in the aquarium are a bit more normalized, so to make it fair, Ineke got her Spaghetti and Bas and Willem got their Goldy. We’ll have to wait until the end of the month to adopt Meatball. So far, they are hiding in the fish garden (which Ineke picked out) and seem pretty scared. I can’t imagine what part about three big faces staring at them through the glass is scary!!


We are very excited that Isabella is coming to visit us today. She is flying out, on her own from Calgary. There is so much that we are planning on doing to make her visit fun!



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