Visit from Izzy

We were so excited this weekend to spend time with Izzy who flew out (on her own!) It is teachers’ convention in Calgary which gave her a couple of extra days off.

The kids and I picked her up from the airport on Thursday afternoon, and drove her home to see our house. The kids gave Izzy a full tour of the house and especially the castle room. She was pretty excited to see Ineke’s massive Barbie dollhouse! When Chris got home we ate ribs for dinner (mmmm) and then off to Dairy Queen for ice cream.

On Friday we headed out with Nelly to Science world on the bus. I haven’t been there since their renovations and it always amazes me how many new things they have there for kids to do. They never get bored and could have stayed for the whole day, but we were getting hungry. After eating some lunch, the kids had some quiet time so that we could stay up late and go to a movie at the theatre. Chris got home and we ate at Fat Burger before heading downtown to go see Hayao Miyazaki’s and Studio Gibli’s new movie, “The Secret World of Arrietty“. We are huge fans of Totoro and so we were all pretty excited to see this new film. People at the theate did chuckle at us in the row with 4 kids between us! Kids were awesome even with a couple of pee breaks and Willem taking his boots off and scooting between Chris and I when he was getting restless.

Saturday, the kids slept in a bit longer (they’d woken up at 5am on Friday). We all got ready and then headed to Hillcrest pool for a swim. When everyone was suitably waterlogged, we grabbed some Subway sandwiches which we ate at home. Our kids were exhausted, so they slept and I took Isabella to Oakridge mall where we did a bit of shopping. She bought a new skirt, with her own money, and she got a new raincoat (treat from us) so that she can come back to Vancouver and not get wet!  She also picked up a souvenir for her brother. Saturday night we ate at Rann and Tara’s house while the kids played and watched movies. Another late night, but tons of fun!

Sundaymorning, while Chris was at soccer, Izzy and Ineke planned a big tea party for us all. They baked cupcakes and brownies in Ineke’s Easy Bake oven and decorated the whole dining room with balloons and streamers. They even made goodie bags for us all. When Chris came home from soccer, they treated us to a lovely party. Thankfully, the cupcakes are dime-sized so we still had room for sushi for lunch!

Izzy wanted to do something fun, so we went downtown for some 5-pin bowling at the classic Commodore lanes. It was the first time bowling for us with the kids, so there was a lot of ball-dropping and gutter-balls. I can’t really say they got the hang of it, but it was fun nonetheless! Dinner was homemade pizzas before we watched a movie at home. Fortunately, not too late of an evening for everyone.

I’m not sure what is on the agenda for today. Bas and Ineke have to go to preschool because they missed Friday, and I have to do a bit to get ready for my trip to Taiwan tomorrow, but other than that, it will depend on our little guest and what she wishes to do for her last day on her Vancouver adventure!




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