Another Asian Adventure

I’m off on a trip to Taipei, Taiwan for work. It has been a long time
and I have to say that I’m a bit rusty in the work travel department!
I’ve become insulated to the differences in cultural norms and levels
of service in other countries. We are spoiled in Canada in that

Currently I’m waiting in the Hong Kong airport for a delayed flight to
Taipei. The flight from Vancouver was 13 hours, probably the longest
flight I’ve been on. Time passed fairly quickly. Two movies, half of
Medium Raw (Anthony Bourdain), a boatload of work, three meals and a
shot nap! The worst of it was the landing and my ears. I’m very
congested from a cold and my DayQuill wore off before I had a chance
to pop a new one. As a result, my head felt like it was going to
explode out my ear from the pressure and I’d already come to terms
with the fact that my eardrum would burst and I’d lose my hearing! It
is still plugged but hoping the NyQuil will kick in soon.

Busy days ahead with four meetings with agents and universities, and
two days of education fair. I’ll try to get out a bit in between.
Brought the big camera so I hope to catch some interesting shots.

Off to find my gate and wait there!

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