First weekend of summer

FINALLY the weather turned around and we got something of summer. We enjoyed our weekend at the Point and a sleepover with Valentina. Everyone had fun fishing Sunday morning…Chris even caught something, although we aren’t quite sure what it was. A bit scary looking if you ask me. Sunday afternoon was so hot that we actually got out the sunscreen and tanned! SOOO nice!

Activities this weekend included Ineke hunting for caterpillars (which wasn’t hard because there is a bit of an infestation…poor flowers!), fishing (where Eagles swooped down and stole the bobbers), a tea party hosted by Ineke (and everyone was instructed on what to do with their pinkies), harvesting basil (which is growing really nicely despite all the rain), a ping pong tournament, and lots of time on the swings! All in all, a pretty perfect weekend at the cabin.





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