Yee Haw!!!


It has been many years since we’ve been to the Stampede in Calgary and it seems that we couldn’t have picked a better year to attend. It is the 100th anniversary of the Stampede and they are having record attendance at the fair. The weather is absolutely stunning with temperatures around 30 degrees. So far, we’ve visited with Oma and Opa ter Keurs, Grammie and Grandpa, Heather, and Oma Dolphin and Opa. Chris took the kids to the Stampede grounds on Sunday where they enjoyed lots of rides and saw some of the animals. We then spent a fantastic day at Heritage Park with Oma riding on old-fashioned trains, boats and fair rides. Yesterday was jam packed with activities like the waterpark and playground at South Glenmore and ice cream at DQ! We also had some time to just chill out and relax in the summer weather on Grammie’s swing.  We then drove to Okotoks where we stopped off at In Cahoots for a quick beer and then off to Heather’s house where we fed her horses and went for a ride. The kids really enjoyed riding the horses, but Ineke, in particular, was in love with them. Such a treat!

We are now in High River for a couple of days before heading back to Calgary to spend the weekend with the Mortons. We’ll definitely get back down to the grounds another time and possibly even back to Heritage Park for more rides there! Too much to do and too little time, as usual!


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