Sun, sand, family and friends

Finally, summer has arrived in Vancouver and once again we are reminded why we pay extortionist rates for the privilege of living in this city. When it is nice, it is REALLY nice. And we keep repeating the mantra, “It does not rain ALL the time in Vancouver”!

Our weekend began with a quick visit with Grammie and Grandpa as they returned from their Alaskan adventure cruise. We walked to Kits beach where the kids climbed and played although it was a bit of a zoo down there because of the hot weather. The rest of the day we hung around the neighbourhood and just relaxed. They drove back to Calgary on Sunday morning early.

We then headed down to the Point where Clark and Connor met us for a visit and trip to Maple beach for the sandcastle competition. Lucas, Ella and Alex were already hard at work in the sand. It was one of the first days that we’ve actually been able to enjoy the beach. The kids had a blast tearing around on the sand chasing each other.

The fun continued when Roel and Jet arrived on Saturday afternoon with Julie and although they were a bit jet-lagged, you certainly couldn’t tell from the way that Julie took off to start playing with the kids. She jumped into the Jeep with “Valentini” and took off! We look forward to a great couple of weeks visiting with them at the cabin!






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